A message from Lady M

Dear Friends of Gryf:

Lady M here. I know that you come here to read about Gryf’s adventures and that you therefore probably don’t want to hear from me. Unfortunately, Gryf isn’t around to post something today. Six days ago he left for the airfield at Lake Windermere, one of Meister’s facilities. Thanks to listening devices that were placed in a few locations in the facility some weeks ago, we knew that Meister was planning on visiting the facility. Though none of us liked the idea, we all knew that Gryf was the best dragon to spy on Meister, and perhaps find out what Meister’s weak spot is. Unlike the listening devices, which are stationary, Gryf, in the form of a little bee, would be able to move about the facility and see what our enemy is up to. Meister is clearly very clever and resourceful, but he is not perfect. He can’t be. He has to have a weak spot of some kind that we can use to our advantage.

The plan was that Gryf would fly to the Lake District in buzzard form, and then he would turn into a small bee to get into the facility at the old airfield. The techie dragons here made a tiny homing beacon that even a bee could comfortably carry. It was the size of a pinhead and it has been active ever since Gryf left.

We know that Gryf made it into the facility because he whispered into one of our listening devices to tell us that he had got there. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to hear his voice. Gryf explored the facility for the rest of that day and then, the next day, we listened to Meister arrive. We heard him talking to the young dragons that are living and working at the facility. Then our listening devices picked up something that made my heart sink. Meister told one of the dragons to do a sweep of the facility to make sure that “none of my enemies are listening to or watching us.” Soon after he gave this order our bugs went silent and we have not been able to get them back online. I have been driving the techie dragons crazy asking them over and over again if they have managed to get the bugs to work yet. I cannot help myself. Those bugs are the only means of communication that Gryf has. He is all alone out there now.

Thanks to the homing device we know that Gryf is still in the facility and has been there for more than five days now, but we have no idea what is going on. Why hasn’t he left? What is happening? Is he in danger? The plan was that he would stay there for a day or two, not for five days. Naturally we are all worried sick about Gryf and we are assuming that he is a prisoner or is trapped somehow. He would have found a way to communicate with us if he was free.

The Dragon Council members have not been idle and that have sent a team of dragons to the facility. Hopefully they can do something to help Gryf. I hope that you will be hearing from Gryf soon. I will keep you posted if I hear anything.