Chapter One: What is this blog anyway?

I cannot fathom why I have allowed Lady M to bamboozle me into doing this. My mother, bless her flame, used to tell me that sometimes I allow myself to be unduly influenced by others. Lady M says that she thinks that writing this…this…blo…blog…thing (what kind of word is blog anyway?) will help me to Come to Terms with all that has happened to me. It is hard to imagine how writing down my thoughts will offer me any comfort whatsoever, considering that so very much has happened to me. My life is so far removed from what it once was.

Being a reasonable individual, I pointed out that I could write down my thoughts on a piece of paper, in a civilized manner. Lady M’s response was to tell me that I have such a “fascinating story,” that I should “share” it. If I ‘type’ my story here, then others can read it. At first I was confused by this, but Lady M showed me blogs written by people who live in places far away. Seeing these blogs and reading the accounts in them, I could not help feeling amazed. How remarkable it is that people can share ideas and thoughts using these com-pu-ter things. My next emotion was to feel appalled. Why, anyone can read what I write if I use this blog thing. By all the clouds! How can I possible share my intimate feelings with strangers in this way?

I was sitting in front of the big window thinking over things, when Lady M came and sat next to me. “Gryf,” she said, “there are so many people out in the big world who are lost and adrift, though not in quite the same way as you are of course. I think reading your story will help them feel that they are not alone in their struggles.”

Could I really help others if  I write down my story and thoughts in this blog?  Though this seems a very strange idea, I must confess that it also sounds interesting. Surely, even if I help only one poor person it would be a worthwhile thing to do.

Ah me. Well, as you can see, I have lost the battle with Lady M. Thus it is that I am here ‘typing’ on this thing, telling you I know not what. I have asked Lady M how I should begin, and she told me to begin by describing how I met Arwel, my one time friend (may he never find peace), who betrayed me. “You need to tell your readers about how you came to be here. Once you have brought them up to date, you can tell them about your life now,” she said.

My life now. I don’t even know want to think about that. Lady M is right though. I should begin by telling you about how Arwel came into my life. Our meeting was the beginning of my troubles, though of course, at that time, I had no idea what lay in the future. Because of that fateful meeting, I am here, lost in a world that I know nothing about.