Reflections: The writing bug?

I fear that I am losing my mind. Ever since I wrote my first blog piece Lady M: The word is post not piece, I have felt a compulsion to write about everything I see and do. Most of the time, the things I want to write about are of no consequence at all, which is something that I have never felt inclined to do. You must understand that before the Unfortunate Incident (more about this soon) I was working on my book (a scholarly work of consequence) and I wrote for several hours each day.

Now I not only want to write about inconsequential topics, but I have started writing without even putting words to paper. I am writing things in my head, composing sentences and even paragraphs in my mind! Are these not the actions of a mad individual?  Why, just today I was helping to prepare the breakfast and I began to do this strange thing. The writing in my head thing. It is as if there is a little being up there talking. It talks and talks and talks.

“Gryf my dear, you have caught the writing bug,” Lady M told me.

“I do not understand what you mean. Is this an illness?” I asked.

“No, what I mean is that your natural love of writing is really coming through. You have been though a great deal and need to share your thoughts and observations. You are fine, and you certainly are not mad or sick. Quite a few writers think through what they are going to write before they put words to paper.”

I hope she is right. This is a very peculiar business.